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What does deal with? is a Romanian manufacturer of chairs, tables, armchairs and banquettes, and the products used are natural buffalo leather, solid oak wood and electrostatically finished steel.

Are products addressed to the HoReCa industry? supports Romanian businesses

Buy products with confidence for your business and we offer you attractive discounts

The interior design of HoReCa locations (hotels, restaurants, offices, event halls or cafes) is a key factor in attracting customers and returning them to the same location. offers you everything you need for your business, chairs , benches , armchairs , sofas and tables . The products are handmade, contain high quality materials and respond to the most diverse styles: modern, contemporary, art nouveau, art deco, traditional and classic.

Why choose our products for your business?

Get favorable prices Choose from an extensive range of products, according to any type of Business Benefit from professional assistance to make the best choices A B2B partnership directly from the manufacturer

The HoReCa industry has changed over time, but the wishes of customers remain the same, they want to feel relaxed and a little pampered. Together we can outline a modern interior, in total agreement with your brand and your entire concept.

Most people value the overall experience when it comes to cafes and restaurants, rather than just serving a coffee or a meal. There are various factors that influence the way your customers feel, from the interior concept to the colors of the walls, the tables, the design of the chairs, the lighting and even the music.

That's why it's important to work with a team of hospitality experts so that your business has a welcoming and comfortable environment and your customers keep coming back. Use modern buffalo leather chairs in a cafe, comfortable benches in restaurants, solid wood tables and other pieces of furniture to complete the design. Every restaurant or cafe will inspire a special style and beauty with the help of products.

Together we will offer your guests the best experience, creating unique HoReCa interiors.

A restaurant or cafe can stand out with its captivating and charming appearance, and pubs or bars can influence people's good mood. We also included wineries in this category because we noticed a trend towards the need to create venues that could make anyone feel comfortable when tasting cheese and wine.

A hotel is not just a place to stay, but a complete service. The competition in this field of activity is very high, and the differentiation is made through the interior design and the chosen furniture.

More and more hotels are redecorating their interiors due to new trends and because they try to make their guests feel at home. Over the years, we have considered the needs and preferences of our customers, tailoring both our design services and the collection of products we manufacture.

A well-designed work environment is one that fosters development and provides a positive atmosphere. The innovation lies in our design-oriented solutions that will transform the office space into a functional, optimal and healthier environment.

In recent years, we have noticed that for offices and workspaces, the focus is on transforming them to provide a more welcoming and modern atmosphere. The reception has been transformed into an attractive lounge with comfortable furniture and the meeting room includes inspiring conference chairs and trendy tables. Office chairs tend to be more visually appealing without losing functionality.

We are happy to help you with our furniture products to increase the well-being of your team through the entire ambience.

Write to us now at or at the phone number 0743854732 and negotiate your discount!

You can also contact us using the CONTACT form.

Can products be sold by other merchants?

For partners and partnerships

Develop your business and sell products

The partnership with represents a quick, simple and efficient opportunity to sell quality products directly from the manufacturer. You can get great price offers for volume purchases, and save important resources such as time and money.

If you have an online or physical store and you want to sell the chairs , benches , armchairs , sofas and tables produced by our company, please contact us by email at or at the phone number 0743854732 .

You can also contact us using the CONTACT form.

Why choose our products?

We specialize in the manufacture and sale of high quality handmade furniture.

Each of our pieces are made exclusively from top quality materials (buffalo leather, fabric, oak wood). It is our concern to fulfill the wishes and demands of our customers. You can choose from a wide range of products, suitable for any type of business.

The products manufactured by are developed and designed by our team, having a unique design on the market.

Contact us and tell us about your business or project.

In the hope of a successful collaboration, we thank you and remain at your disposal.


The team

Does make partnerships with designers?

We invite you to become our partner. We help you with furniture for your project

We know that the secret of a successful arrangement is influenced by the smallest details, that's why we believe that together with the designers we can create a space with unique furniture elements.

Do you have a project for which you intend to recommend chairs , benches , armchairs , sofas or tables ?

Are you dealing with interior design projects for your clients, furnishing apartments for sale / rent / staging or planning to furnish company offices? comes to your aid with furniture pieces that have a modern, innovative and new design.

Are you interested in a long-term partnership with a furniture manufacturer?

We are happy to help you! We offer you personalized offers and special discounts, we ensure the transportation and delivery of products in the most convenient way, and we will carefully inspect the products before shipping.

With the help of you can arrange apartments and standard houses, luxury residential properties, cottages and holiday homes, but also non-residential spaces, such as administrative buildings and offices or branches for customer contact.

Expand your activity, range of products and services together with our company and we will develop each other in this sector of activity. If you want to start collaborating, we can reserve a special place on the website, which will refer to your business website.

Contact us at any time, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Send an e-mail with confidence to or fill out the form on the CONTACT page.

For questions and additional information, you can find us at: 0743854732

Is there a size guide for products?

The dimensions and characteristics of the products sold by eScaun

Some products do not correspond exactly to the classic dimensions . For this reason we have created this page, where we describe the dimensions of our products in detail.

Tables: 180 x 100 x 77 x 3 cm ( Length x Depth x Height x Top thickness )

Seats : 87 x 57 x 63 x 52 cm ( Total height x Depth x Width x Seat height )

Dining benches: 106 x 76.5 x 61 x 56 cm (Total height x Depth x Width x Seat height)

Armchairs: 81 x 64 x 78 x 46 cm (Total height x Depth x Width x Seat height)

All the details here

What are the products sold by

Chairs, armchairs, benches and tables manufactured in Romania by eScaun

The love for unique interiors and the demand for high-quality furniture, combined with over 10 years of experience, are the foundation of our company. We specialize in the manufacture and sale of high quality handcrafted home and office furniture.

The manufactured products are chairs , benches , armchairs , sofas and tables , all handmade, innovative in design and material. All products are made with the utmost care and attention.

Here you will find bar chairs , living room chairs , office chairs and kitchen chairs , made of leather and/or fabric. We also produce armchairs, sofas and dining benches, in buffalo leather and/or fabric. On the other hand, we also specialize in solid oak tables.

The chairs are mainly made of a steel frame in combination with buffalo leather and/or fabric (cloth), and the tables sit on a metal frame and solid oak wood top.

Each of our pieces are made exclusively from high quality materials. It is our concern to fulfill the wishes and demands of our customers. Our large selection of tables, chairs, sofas and armchairs are suitable for all spaces and for exceptional comfort.

Our products can beautify the interiors of private buildings as well as the interiors of hotels, restaurants, offices or cafes. They fit any style, either the industrial style (whose design relies on wood, leather, iron, steel and raw, unfinished shapes), or the alpine chic style (whose design combines modern and contemporary furniture with raw elements), or with the Scandinavian style (which uses natural materials, especially wood, which gives that feeling of warmth). acts as a link between production and the end customer. This allows us to respond to all specific customer requests and implement them.

We started this journey from the desire to bring to our customers' homes products with original design, carefully crafted, ready to beautify any space. Our high-quality products are an option for those who want strength and durability, because these are our two most important principles.

The products manufactured by are developed and designed by our team, having a unique design on the market. is the place where soul and matter combine in a way that tends to perfection, a symphony of shapes, materials, colors, dimensions, touches and experiences, harmoniously orchestrated by the baton of a professional team.

Life is inspiration, it is emotion, latent beauty and living passion, it is a universe set in motion by our furniture ideas.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of our products or services.

What are the warranty conditions for products?



The guarantee is provided on the basis of the tax invoice, the guarantee certificate which must be correctly completed, of the product subject to the guarantee, together with a written mention of the defect. You must present the purchased object with all the accessories with which the product was delivered.

During the warranty period the manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace the sub-assembly that proves to be defective.

The warranty covers only those defects that appear in the normal use of the product and does not apply to actions that do not comply with the instructions for use (mechanical impacts, scratches, exceeding the maximum allowed weight, etc.).

Maintenance and repairs within the warranty period are carried out by the company.

The cost of sending the product under warranty to the service unit is borne by the buyer, our company bears the cost of sending the repaired product to the buyer.

The period for resolving the complaint from the date of notification is the one provided by law, the guarantee being extended by the duration of the product being repaired.

If the product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with another product chosen by the buyer, with payment of the price difference.

If the buyer does not want another product, the amount paid for the product is returned to the customer, reduced in proportion to the number of months of product use during the 24 months of warranty. (eg: if the product has been used for 6 months, it is returned 6/24 = 75% of the amount initially paid).

What are the return conditions for products?


What happens if the customer receives a defective / non-compliant product?

SC FIESTA IW SRL asks that all products be checked as soon as you receive them.

You can inform us of any damages or discrepancies within 3 working days of the delivery date.

Any complaint regarding the condition of the products delivered to the buyer will be reported in writing by completing the form on the contact page or to the e-mail address . You will need to provide the invoice number, product name, claimed damage and, where applicable, pictures.

SC FIESTA IW SRL wishes to bring to the customer's attention that the right of return does not apply in the following situations:

- for ordering goods that are made according to the customer's specifications or are clearly adapted to personal needs;

- customized products or those that were made according to your requirements;

- in the case of canceling an order of customized products that have entered the execution process, you will agree to pay the full amount for the respective products;

- products that can be seen to have been used;

- defective products that were damaged after you received them or while returning them;

Who is responsible for paying delivery charges when returning products?

Delivery charges will be the responsibility of the buyer except when the products are damaged, defective or incomplete.

We draw attention to the fact that, if the products whose return is requested have damaged or incomplete packaging, signs of wear, scratches, bumps, electric shocks, missing accessories, we reserve the right to decide to accept the return or to withhold an amount from the value of the product, an amount that will be communicated after the assessment of the damages caused.

How long does it take to get the money back?

In the case of exercising the legal right to return the product, the refund of its value will be made within 30 days at the latest from the return.

The amount refunded and the return conditions do not include shipping costs.

"Customers" or "consumers" are ONLY NATURAL PERSONS. Clients with legal personality do not have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract, the legislation in the field referring only to natural persons.

What are the payment and delivery conditions for products?



Due to the fact that each product is manufactured to the customer's requirement, it cannot be guaranteed that the products on the website will always be in stock, and there is a possibility that there may be delays in deliveries or that a certain order cannot be delivered. In these special cases, has the right to notify the customer about these delays.

Shipping is FREE on all orders.

CAREFUL! Some products come UNASSEMBLED, so the customer has to assemble the products after delivery. These products include: tables and chairs .

The paper with the customer's data and the ordered product is pasted on each box, and the invoice and warranty certificate will be sent by e-mail.

Free transport is not granted in isolated land areas (Sulina, Sf Gheorghe, etc.).

In case you will not be found by the deadline set for delivery, the courier will keep the ordered goods for another 1-3 days while trying to contact you to complete the delivery. If you are not found and the product is returned to us, the amount of the order will NOT be returned, but you have the possibility of resending the order against the cost.

SC FIESTA IW SRL is not responsible for any damage to products that are improperly transported by couriers.

The products must reach their destination

Between 6-8 weeks from the order placed on our website

Please contact us by phone if your package is delayed beyond these deadlines!